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Why you should work with a writer who understands the Asset Management and Wealth Management industries

A while ago I had a client who came to me with a serious problem. Let’s call him John (not his real name).

John was miles behind on a project, which should have been sorted out in 6 months – but had dragged on for two years.

It basically involved tidying up content and dealing with a number of compliance issues.

John employed someone – a friend I believe – who didn’t know the subject matter. So they couldn’t implement. And instead made loads of excuses. As you can imagine, it created a lot of stress and headaches for John.

The thing is, he was looking to sell his business and wanted to spruce it up to get a better price for it.

This experience illustrates the importance of working with someone who understand your industry. I’ll tell you what happened to John in a moment.

But it’s fair to say that Asset Management and Wealth Management are specialist sectors with their own particularities and issues.

Managing investments and building wealth is a long-term endeavour. Building trust and demonstrating expertise to clients is paramount for winning mandates and good content is part of that process.

A good market knowledge is essential

Financial markets have their own vocabularies and the way they behave frankly baffles most people. From my experience that includes many business writers.

If you’re looking to produce marketing collateral, thought leadership and educational material aimed at an investor audience, it makes sense to work with a writer who knows the sector. It’ll make the whole process a lot easier and you’re more likely to achieve your objectives.

Before writing for Asset Management and Wealth Management firms, I was a senior financial reporter working for media groups such as The Wall Street Journal and Thomson Reuters. I covered financial markets extensively and spoke to many asset managers – some of them quite well known. It enabled me to gain a good all round knowledge of the major asset classes.

Also, I am myself an investor and focus on dividend growth stocks as a means of steadily building income and wealth. That means the topic isn’t academic to me or just something I write about for a living. I’m actually very interested in the whole process of investing and managing wealth.

So back to John. Fortunately, I was able to deliver the project in 5 months. It was relatively straight forward for me because I understood the subject matter and the issues at hand.

And yes he did sell his business and from what I gather he got a very good price for it.

If you’re looking for marketing and writing support for a project then let’s talk.  But I am often busy, so in the first instance, please drop me an email at justin@jjpassociates.co.uk to set up a time and date for a discussion

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