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Words that Sell, Communicate and Engage

How you craft and communicate your message is the difference between making or losing that sale and engaging or alienating your potential customers.

Given you’ve spent considerable time, money and effort developing your products and services it’s crucial that the marketing side supports that investment to the full.

Our aim is to create copy which directly supports your business and marketing goals. This can involve sales copy, landing pages through to brochures and other printed material.

We can also edit and run magazines and newsletters for internal and external communications purposes.

Having good content on your website is an important factor in gaining credibility, trust and ultimately sales from the people who visit your site,” Justin Pugsley writing for The Guardian on the value of content.

Enhancing your Thought Leadership

Gaining mind share is crucial for businesses selling complex products and services and for those operating in highly competitive markets.

Being known as the leading ‘authority’ or ‘expert’ on a given subject can be a very powerful selling proposition. It can justify premium pricing and differentiate you from the competition. Or maybe it’s simply a case of educating your market about your latest product.

We can help you cultivate thought leadership by creating valuable content such as White Papers. We can also advise you on how to get your content written up in the media. We have had some success placing our clients’ stories with media companies such as The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Dow Jones / The Wall Street Journal as well as numerous trade publications.

Working with B2B Publishers

The publishing industry has been trying to adapt to the rise of digital with mixed results. As well as potential threats, digital also opens up many new opportunities for publishing companies, but it does require a degree of unorthodox thinking.

We can analyse your strengths and weaknesses, develop new products around digital and help enhance your existing product portfolio.

Coming from B2B media backgrounds we have a good understanding of the issues faced by publishing companies and our White Paper called Reinventing B2B Publishing can provide you with some insights into our thinking in this area.

The study, which is free to download, brings together a series of case studies demonstrating how B2B publishers must regularly reinvent their businesses to keep up with the digital revolution,”  The Association of Online Publishers commenting on the white paper reinventing B2B Publishing.